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  • Do you offer trials and should I get one?
    Yes! Although trials are not required, they are recommended so I can figure out your perfect bridal look. I recommend you schedule an appointment at least 1 month before your wedding day for your makeup trial.
  • Do you do trials for mother's and maid of honors?
    Absolutely. Please let me know ahead of time so we can book a trial appropriately.
  • Do I need to sign the contract before our trial?
    Due to my high demand, it is highly recommended to book your wedding date in advance. I require a contract to hold your date. Once I recieve a copy of your signed contract, I will contact you to let you know your date is offically booked with me. Please send your wedding day details through my contact page. I aim to respond to my clients within 24-48 hours. If you do not hear back from me, please give me a call at 801-953-5188
  • I have a large group, will you need to bring an assistant?"
    If there are 7 or more people receiving services, another hair stylist will help with hair, making sure our time line runs smoothly.
  • How do I prepare for my trial session?
    When you come to the trial, bring photos of makeup & hair styles you like. Bringing photos with you will open the conversation between us, so we can understand what makeup & hair look you are trying to achieve on your wedding day. The day of your trial pease come to your appointment with your hair clean and fully dry. If your hair is curly it needs to be smoothed out unless you want me to work with your natural curl you're also going to want to wear a ivory or white top, so I can see how the makeup & hair would look against the color of your dress. Feel free to bring any hair pieces and your veil. I can take before/after photos and we can see how your finished makeup look photographs. A trial with me is typically 1 hour for hair another hour for makeup and additional 30 minutes for consultation. If you have hair extensions that you want me to add to your hairstyle it might take a little longer.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    The day of your trial and the wedding day, we accept cash payments and Venmo. Please have the collected total amount the night before I arrive and put into envelope for me. I can also except all major credit cards with a 1.5% processing fee.
  • Do you travel to me on the day of the wedding?
    Yes, I will travel to your home or venue, starting the day relaxed and stress-free for you and your party! There is a travel fee included depending on distance travelled.
  • How much time should I allow in my schedule for makeup applications?
    Bridal makeup takes 45-60 minutes. Bridesmaids/mothers/Any one else receiving services can take 35-45 minutes.
  • I am doing a first look, will I need to touch up during the day?"
    Your hair & makeup is applied to last all day. A setting spray will be sprayed to assure your makeup is long lasting. You will need to touch up lips. After all the eating, drinking, talking, and kissing, you will need to reapply your lip stick. Everything else will stay in place through out the evening.
  • Should I get lashes?
    I always recommend lashes. They photograph great and complete the eye makeup look. These are not lash extensions, these are false lashes. These come in strips, halfsies, and individuals. Together we will decide which lash style will fit your look best. Lashes are reusable, and easy to remove!
  • What is Traditional Makeup?
    Traditional makeup is most commonly applied with the usage of professional makeup brushes along with other tools like the beauty blender. The foundation can range from multiple mediums such as liquids (which can vary in coverage from light to full), creams, and powders. Being there are more options in the choice of foundation that can be used with a traditional makeup application as opposed to airbrush makeup, the outcome of the skin’s finish will depend most on the actual consistency of the foundation chosen by the makeup artist.
  • Do you require a deposit to hold my date?
    Yes, I do require a non-refundable deposit to hold your wedding date. The deposit is $50 and is deducted off the final invoice.
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